FCorp - Image Hijacker


Hide your programs and stop others from accessing them



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If you share your computer with others and would like to protect the apps you’ve installed or simply avoid curious eyes, then FCorp - Image Hijacker is for you. This is an app that can conceal other tools by giving them another image in order to avoid suspicion of what’s really inside.

This app lets you completely hide some programs too. You can modify the icon, change the name and even assign a fake message that’ll keep away any one that decides to sniff around your private information.

FCorp - Image Hijacker can help you avoid anyone from accessing your personal information or find out what you’re doing with the apps in your computer. Also, if you want to take it to the next level, you can eliminate the security threat by assigning a password that’ll only grant you access. Keep your computer under control and easily free yourself from curious eyes.
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